Casement Windows

With technology advancing in all industries it’s no more clear than with casement windows. The cranking mechanisms are becoming effortless and yet the quality continues to stay at the forefront. Our casement windows are no exception.

Opening up our casement window will remind you every time that you chose a reputable and qualified professional.

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Order with vinyl or wood frames. These casement windows are available in a variety of colours to suit your home. Choose which side you would like the hinges installed. Combine them with other window styles or install them side by side.

Handle The Weather On Your Terms

An essential part of their energy-efficiency, these casement windows are airtight, to prevent the outside elements from entering your home. If you do wish to bring in the outside breeze, the open window sash of the casement window acts like a chute, allowing more air into the home.

The Casement Windows Features

  • Quality Construction – Fusion-welded sash and frame provide superior strength and structural integrity. Neat, tight corners create aesthetic appeal.
  • Steel-Reinforced Meeting Rails – Heavy-duty metal bar adds strength to casement windows. Allows for secure mounting of hardware.
  • Energy-Saving Design helps to block the transfer of hot and cold.
    • Heat efficient frame and sash design
    • Airtight insulating chambers
    • Protective weather-stripping
    • High-performance insulated glass unit
  • Renovation Masterframe – Beveled exterior frame on double hung, slider and casement windows help the window accommodate differing installation methods and architectural styles.Casement Windows Energy Star Map
  • Design Options – A large choice of frame extensions, brick moulds and other accessories guarantee an ideal finished look.
  • Energy Star Certified Design – These casement windows meet all requirements for use in Zones A, B, C

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