Soffits (the undersides of overhanging eaves that extend from your home), add an extra dose of charm and protection to your property’s aesthetic. On the one hand, they help your home’s exterior look finished and seamless. On the other hand, they safeguard you against extreme winter temperatures by creating a barrier between your eaves and the outside air.


If you need a new soffit for your home, Brant Windows and Doors has four options for you to choose from. Each offers beauty, durability, and a manufacturer’s warranty. When you call us for installation, we’ll assess your home and determine if it requires ventilated, non-ventilated, vinyl, or aluminum. Learn more about each option below.

Install the Right Soffit Under Your Roof


Brant Windows and Doors offers the following soffit solutions.



If you need to reduce summer cooling costs, prevent ice dams, and discourage mildew and rot, opt for this option. We primarily install it in non-living attic areas.



Most people choose non-ventilated soffits because they ensure a warm seal, repel harmful ultraviolet rays, and resist salt sprays.



Vinyl gives you the most affordable option, and it also requires little maintenance, which makes it ideal for any hard-to-reach places on your home.



If you would like a more durable option, choose aluminum. It doesn’t require any upkeep, and it weathers all kinds of wear and tear without a dent. It also lasts longer than its vinyl counterpart. We use polyester paint to ensure your soffit perfectly matches your siding and eavestroughs.

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If you are looking to install soffit on your Burlington home, call us at 1-905-333-9658 to schedule an inspection. We’ll help you choose the right option for your needs. We can also give you an estimate so you know what to expect.

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