Vinyl Windows

Casement Window

I am sure you have heard the term Vinyl Windows thrown around many times. When talking with skillful home improvement experts, no doubt, they will offer some advice about installing them in your home. Perhaps you have also heard about their energy-efficient qualities, low upkeep, and cost savings. But, you want to know more!

Vinyl Windows Extrusion

What Are Vinyl Windows?


Vinyl windows refer to windows made from PVC (Poly vinyl chloride). PVC is found in a number of other building materials and lends itself well to window frames. Vinyl windows are light, and very durable, which makes them last a very long time. They will not rot, like poorly made wood window frames, and will not transfer heat like an aluminum window.


Vinyl Window Frame ExtruderThe Vinyl starts off ejected from a machine (Referred to as Plastics Extrusion). The extrusion gets cut into pieces that make up the sides of the frame. These pieces are then welded together. The frame of the windows itself is now finished. Later, we add double pane energy-efficient Low E Argon glass, held in with vinyl window stops. The window is now ready and will arrive at your home shortly.

What Styles Do They Come In?


There are a number of options available in terms of style. If you are just looking for a plain fixed window, a bare frame picture window is your best option. If you want something with a crank you can order a casement window for your opening. A slider will allow you to slide the window sash sideways. And single hung or double hung windows allow you to move the window up and down.

The Pros and Cons of Vinyl Windows

Will you be installing them in your home?


  • Energy-efficient
  • Low Price
  • Light Weight
  • Low upkeep
  • Durable
  • Low Heat Transmission
  • Will not fade or rot


  • Limit to the color options
  • Frame needs added width for larger pieces of glass

You have heard a lot about vinyl windows. The manufacturing process. The pros and cons. If you still aren’t sure they are the best option for your home, a window professional can give you more advice.

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