What Makes the best quality windows

What Makes the best quality windows

The best quality windows are windows that come together as a completed unit after installation. To start, they need to be windows that are inspected, installed, and sealed properly. Secondly, they need to be built for the climate they will be subjected to. And finally they need to come with a great warranty.

That is why it is so important to know what you are doing when performing a window installation or hire a qualified professional. There are many ways a window installation can go wrong. In fact, any one of these issues is bound to cause problems as the time passes. Then add the weather to that and it is pretty much a guarantee.

Window Inspections

First thing, we start with a thorough inspection, to make sure they are the best quality windows built to proper dimensions. With that being said, we inspect the glass and frame for any issues. Some issues we are looking for are seal failures or problems with the welds in the vinyl or aluminum. We complete this before the window is ready to be installed.

The Best Quality Windows Installation

Insulating the best quality windows
Spray Foam Insulation

Next comes the installation portion to guarantee a high-quality window. This part is very important because an improperly installed windows will cause premature wear and tear. Accordingly, we need to make sure the window is installed correctly. Specifically, we make sure when we are installing the window that it is square. This means that the window is installed on a leveled plane. We achieve this by using a good quality level and some wood shims, and we make sure the gaps are even all around the window sashes. The results are a well operating window and minimal wear in the future.

Weatherproofing and Sealing

Best Quality Window Exterior Sealing
Window Exterior Sealing

After the window is installed it is imperative to properly insulate and seal the window. This will best ensure the quality of the window is maintained throughout its life span. This is achieved by properly insulating the area between the window and the frame the window will sit in. Therefore, we carefully apply a high-quality polyurethane low expansion spray foam to fill this area. After that, we carefully cut away any additional foam making sure not to gouge or scratch the window frame. When this is complete, the window is now properly insulated from any unwanted cold or warm air that may pass through it.

We are now ready to move onto sealing the window from the other elements such as rain, sleet, or snow. Accordingly, we move onto cladding around the window with aluminum flat stock if necessary. In some cases, this is not necessary, because oftentimes the window will include a brick-molding. After that, we will seal the window with a polyurethane caulking around all the seams on the exterior of the window.

Window Trim

No product can be considered high quality without having a finished look, the same goes for windows. That is why, it is important that the best quality windows have a completed look on the inside and out. We use high-quality wood trim that will not deteriorate over time that contributes to a pristinely finished look on the inside of your home. Every cut needs to be perfect and every nail hole and seam, properly filled. This guarantees that the paint will look clean once applied and everything comes together properly.

Warranties for the Best Quality Windows

Warranty is so important when choosing the windows for your home. With that in mind, the warranty will make the difference between an average window and the best quality windows on the market. A warranty that covers not only the window itself, but also the labor of removal and installation if that becomes necessary. Finally, you want to make sure the duration of the warranty is one that you are satisfied with.

Consider the Climate

This is the final important factor in determining the best quality windows that we will mention. Climate! Your windows need to be rated for application within the climate you are living in. For Example, we are located in Canada, so our windows are all rated to withstand the extreme temperature variations between summer and winter. Here, temperatures can regularly get as high as 40 degrees and as low as -35 degrees Celsius and beyond. Specifically, it is so important that quality windows are designed to withstand these extreme temperatures.

That’s it for Best Quality Windows

There you have it, those are the most important factors to determine what make the best quality windows. Each consideration plays a role and each is equally important. No single factor makes a quality window, rather a combination of factors come together to make a window great. One more thing that we should mention is the styling, choosing a window that is styled to suit your home. This will keep your home looking great and will keep you happy for years to come. Hopefully you find this information helpful and if you have any other questions reach out to us and we would gladly answer any of your questions.

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